As a Platinum Productions, Incorporated client, you have access to some incredible and beneficial online planning tools – the client area and guest request system.


Planning Forms

Using your planning form, you will be able to choose and document all of your special activities, special dances, bridal party introductions, announcements, speeches, toasts, blessings, corporate activities, etc.


Event Timeline

Your event timeline enables you to determine how much time is required for each of the activities that you have chosen, such as: a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, introductions, toasts, special announcements, special dances, and other activities.

Music Requests

Within the music request system, you can create a must play list, play if possible list, and a do not play list. By using this feature, you have the ability to specify when you would like to have your song selections played during your event by adding a note to the desired songs. Ex. “Play for the parents of the bride during dinner”, “Call up the cheering squad from high school”. We have even compiled a variety of most requested songs lists that will give you ideas, just click “most requested” to check them out!

Make A Payment

For your convenience, you can view your balance and remit payment.

The guest request system allows your guests to make online music requests prior to the event using a similar system to the one featured in the client area, but will be kept separate. You will be able to monitor the music requests of your guests when you log in to the client area and you can “admin remove” songs if you wish.